We started back in 2022 as a part of People’s Pride Southampton to try and bring a Trans* based event to the Southampton area. We have now struck out on our to focus on giving the best help and support for Trans, Non-Binary & other queer people in the Southampton area including bring our second Trans Pride to the city this year.


What is Trans Pride Southampton?

We are a collection of Trans* as well as Ally’s here to support the Trans* community as well as run our Trans Pride event in the Southampton area.

Is this run by People's Pride Southampton or Southampton Pride?

Neither, we used to be apart of People’s Pride Southampton but are no longer a part of their organisation after our first year of Trans Pride Southampton. We are now our own organisation.

Do we need a Trans Pride?

with hate crimes not only towards the Trans community but the wider LGBTQIA+ community on the rise, we feel that the Trans community need to come together with their ally’s to show support. This is why we feel a Trans Pride is needed.

How can I help?

There is many ways people can help support Trans Pride Southampton.

  1. Follow & Share our Socials
  2. Consider Donating to our Buy Me a Coffee or your own time to help out
  3. Come to our Trans Pride as well as others (if you can)
Do I need Tickets?

No you will not need tickets for Trans Pride 2023.

I'm not Trans can I still attend?

We accept any Trans, Non-Binary or Cis Ally, All we ask for is people to respect each other and have a good time.

When is Trans Pride Southampton 2023?

September 16th – 12pm (Noon)

Keep an eye on our Trans Pride 2023 page for information about the March, Speeches & Picnic in the Park after.

What does my donation go towards?

Donations help us keep running this website as well as other elements of Trans Pride Southampton, Including but not limited too; Our Event, Equipment & Hired Help (such as security, designers & accountant along with other professionals)

Why do you use Buy Me a Coffee?

When we first thought of a way we could bring donations in from the public, we thought of Patreon but after looking further into it Buy Me a Coffee was a better fit due to the possibility of one time donations, as well as donators not needing an account really sealed the deal for us.

What do I get for donating?

By donating to Trans Pride Southampton you will get exclusive behind the scene updates through our Buy Me a Coffee, but we do hope that we can bring more to the table for all our supporters in the near-future.